Mandakranta: The Succubus Comes

In my chambers, haunted and hunted, my terror enveloped in night
My chest hitches, an archaic knowledge cleaves the unbridled thrill
Straddled and pinned, she torments me, her primal lust and rage entwined
I lay yearning, praying for climax, before the succubus comes

Mandakranta: (lady slowly approaching) is referred to as a “slow stepper” and is said to employ erotic mysticism. This Sanskrit stanzaic form is often a poem of love, sexual pleasure and spirituality.

The elements of the Mandakranta are:

Written in any number of quatrains.
All lines strictly carry the same heavy and light metric pattern which is established by the first line (this is language specific).

In English, it is easier to simply consider the verse syllabic, 17 syllables per line. One source suggested a syllable count of 17-16-17-17.
Unrhymed, seems to be the popular concensus.
Composed with caesura, which appears twice, once after the 4th syllable and again after the 9th or 10th syllable.

10 thoughts on “Mandakranta: The Succubus Comes

    1. Indian poetry has its own terms. It took me a couple of days to figure that out 🀣
      Have fun. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


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