Forward, of Tomorrow

“Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week.”

Spanish Proverb

I noted my pallor, my eyes now dim
Which once fluttered about upon a whim
And though contemptuous a sight to see
A thought arose, provoked gingerly

We persist, for in tomorrow we trust
We enter, and parry with a forward thrust
Yet, the directive is of little use
When we arrive with a ready excuse

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. The word has origin from the Latin procrastinatus, which itself evolved from the prefix pro-, meaning “forward,” and crastinus, meaning “of tomorrow.

– Wikipedia

“You wouldn’t even know your pro from your crastinus.”

“Buddy, if my pro has crastinus, I don’t want to know about it.”

Perfectionism is Procrastination
dressed in a fancy suit,
late to the party,
if it bothers to show up at all.

The first celebration of

Procrastination Week
was March 9 -15, 2008.

It was planned for

February 1- 7, 2006.

Weekly Theme:
Procrastination Week

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