Treats For All

I’ve developed a taste for them.

It’s a dog biscuit


So, how does one develop a taste for dog biscuits?

Well, it all started last dog biscuit appreciation day…

Why can’t you be like your Brother, Cake

The bastard love child
No longer a fruit,
And never to be a cake
Raises expectations
With a deceptive scent
The result is far less
than the sum of its parts
Banana bread is a freak
Mutant offspring
That doesn’t belong anywhere

Curling is Cool?
Then why not just call it Curling Day?
Why have a day at all?

(you don’t see tennis pandering to the simple minded masses)

Tootsie Roll Facts


So much so, he was buried with them and a few other choice effects, including cigarettes, a lighter, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Monostich: A Holy Trinity

Understanding and peace, walk hand in hand toward love.

National Rationalization Day!
Save Your Broken Relationship Day!

Senryu: A Real Boy

Ask me a question
And I’ll get big and erect
Well, part of me will

Weekly Theme:
Holidays & Observances

Curling is Cool Day
Play Tennis Day
International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
National Banana Bread Day
National Dog Biscuit Day
National Rationalization Day
Pinocchio Day
Tootsie Roll Day
World Understanding and Peace Day

46 thoughts on “Treats For All

      1. They certainly make them sound appealing. Especially cat foods. I gave my cat roast duck with spring vegetables last week. Didn’t look like it coming out of the pouch.

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      2. -30°C/-20°F last week to 5°C/40°F this week. About right for Minnesota. It is the unofficial motto of the State: “If you don’t like the weather, wait half an hour”. The weather conditions can change dramatically in that short of a time period around here.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Funny, I’m from Melbourne, our motto is four seasons in one day.
        This change was unexpected. Most years its a more gradual affair.
        Lots of Finns in Minnesota. There’s even a joke about it.
        So you a vikings fan?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I admire the Vikings for their skill in raiding and pillaging.

        Minnesota is a melting pot of European culture. Lots of Finns, Russians, Irish, Norwegians, Swedes and Germans. Also, large Somali, Tibetan and Hmong. Jokes around here are usually about Sven and Ole, to give you an idea…

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      5. Honest response about the Minnesota Vikings: I’m not much into any sport, but I’ve been known to yell at the television on occasion when it comes to American football. I’ve not paid attention lately, as I’ve largely accepted that the Vikings are cursed and seem to be unable to make it very far in the post-season, no matter how well they are playing. They had their best chance in the late 90s to go all the way and they choked. Since then, it has been agonizing to watch them make one really bad decision after another to the point that I can’t be bothered to waste several hours on a Sunday afternoon being frustrated by their awful performance. With coronavirus, the season has been a joke, so I didn’t even bother to watch the Super Bowl, something I’d normally at least have on in the background while I did other things.

        The real víkingr, I would never criticize. I might end of with a slight case of an axe to the head if I did.

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      6. A Viking curse, love it.
        I’ve wanted to get into American football but it seems to be an all or nothing endeavour. Passion and sposts and all that.
        I usually try to catch the Superbowl as well. I didn’t even bother this year. Like most sports the altered season has taken away from the finale.

        If only we had modern day vikings. I would love to see them in close combat with Internet trolls.


  1. can’t eat those, you know gluten intolerant 🤭
    I love me some of
    that bastard, cake produced
    seems your on a roll, with this twisty new fad diet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t that always the case.
      I didn’t realise how misleading the title would be. I feel like I should be in a panel van now.
      USA alone has something like 1500 national days, crazy stuff.

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