A Seed and an Anthem


The seed must be
Watering does not
What we feed takes root
What we neglect will rot

Acrostic: Hate

Hostility through misunderstanding
Accelerates unnecessary conflict
Thoughtless anger feeds fear
Endangering peace

Anthem: Fuck the World

Don’t let it linger
Salute them with the middle finger
Let your flag fly
And raise that finger to the sky
It’s good for your health
To tell the world to fuck itself

Weekly Theme:

19 thoughts on “A Seed and an Anthem

      1. You’re very welcome….and thank you very much for your kind words….I’m glad to like my poems….but you know what….shorter forms can achieve the same depth as longer ones….just like a heavy blow to “break ice” vs sawing the ice slowly to break it….keep expressing my friend ✨

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