Cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht: The Third Coming

Floors coated in newspaper
paint tins standing by,
under the torn wallpaper,
something caught my eye.

Ancient text long forgotten,
the message read clear.
Jesus waz ere, twenty-ten,
then, a sudden fear.

If this tag was genuine,
second coming gone,
there must be a redesign,
a third coming on.

Now, how can I benefit
Yes, I think I know,
The answer is evident:
make a Netflix show

The Third Coming, descends upon Netflix early 2021

Seth Rogen as Peter the painter
James Franco as Jesus

Be there
Or be judged

Here are the guidelines:

Quatrain (or four-line) stanzas
Seven syllables in lines one and three; five syllables in lines two and four
Lines one and three end with a three-syllable word
Lines two and four end with a one-syllable word
Rhyme scheme in each stanza: abab

Weekly Theme:
Irish Poetry Forms


8 thoughts on “Cro cumaisc etir casbairdni ocus lethrannaigecht: The Third Coming

    1. Thank you.
      I understand, completely. It’s hard to find time these days.
      I like trying new things. I remind myself often, succeed or fail, this is all in the name of fun.


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