Children’s Rhyme: Cyhydedd hir: Criss the Cat

Pete Criss was a cat
we were fine with that
sitting on his mat
as a cat should

Until one fine day
which one I can’t say
Petey ran away

All the world to see
he wanted to be
able to play free
and now he could

He travelled the land
with drum sticks in hand
and joined a rock band
his life was good

The cyhydedd hir (not to be confused with the cyhydedd fer) is a Welsh poetic form comprised of quatrains (4-line stanzas).
lines one, two, and three have five syllables
line four has four syllables
lines one, two, and three rhyme with each other
line four of the first quatrain rhymes with line four of the second quatrain

Weekly Theme:
Welsh Poetry Forms

25 thoughts on “Children’s Rhyme: Cyhydedd hir: Criss the Cat

      1. Sorry, I was trying to speak Frehley, but it Simmons I wasn’t made up enough. I really don’t know how you can Stanley partying every day. 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 🀣 Amazing!
        You got them all in there! Well, the original members. Nicely done.
        Rock and roll all night and PART of every day πŸ˜‰ I’d be dead by now otherwise.

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  1. Brilliant! 😁

    Put me in mind of this UK TV advert for milkshake from back in the day…

    This itself was actually inspired by the early stuff from:

    You should have a look through these vaults actually if you’re not familiar Mr Mouse. I can personally recommend the misheard Simply Red lyrics, the spongmonkeys and the very naughty rude hedgehogs!!

    Ah, the old days were the best!!

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    1. The links won’t work. I tried a few different ways, but I think it won’t play because I’m foreign.
      I saw the spongemonkeys and holding back the (years) ears listed. I can only imagine what he would be doing to the bunny.
      I miss the good old days πŸ˜”πŸ’š

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