Cyhydedd Naw Ban: Fixation

Fear the love that does not grow each day
Where stagnate buds wilt into decay
petrified petals screech vexation
and tortured roots become fixation

Clarity forms in stark concession
true love is not found in obsession

Each line in the stanza is nine syllables long.
The stanza has an even number of lines.
Each line in the stanza end rhymes with another line (any line) in the stanza.
The stanza lengths in a cyhydedd naw ban can actually vary within each poem–just as long as the above requirements are met within each stanza.

Weekly Theme:
Welsh Poetry Forms

31 thoughts on “Cyhydedd Naw Ban: Fixation

    1. Thank you. I like that you can have 10 line, 4 line, 6 line stazas all mixed together in one poem and as long as they rhyme with another line you can go crazy.

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    1. Similar topic, different approach. You had far more passion, made mine sound matter of fact. Quite the coincidence we are in sync. How far ahead are you with posts at the moment? I’m doing valentines week. πŸ€”πŸ’š

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      1. Ah you’re way ahead of me – I’m probs up to the last week of Jan (ish)… Be interesting to see if the coincidences continue… πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ–€

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      2. I only post once a day. You post at least twice. Which means you must have dozens more posts scheduled πŸ˜‰ way ahead of me, little one πŸ’š

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    1. Thank you. A few left. I found about 15 forms and selected 7 I thought I could manage.
      The response has been great. Maybe I’ll do another week of Welsh poetry forms later this year πŸ‘


      1. I went through Japanese forms in November I think. There are plenty of those so I’ll be revisiting them later this year as well.
        I have Irish forms next week, maybe you might find something there as well πŸ˜‰
        Good luck with the Welsh πŸ‘

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