January is for the Dreamers

New Year

A fixation

A ritual
On an arbitrary day in a dark age

Celebrated as a recalibration
& a means to make amends

A UNIfying symb☮️l
to rectify
Past digressions

to inspire change
Motivate us beyond our calling

Rather than destiny
We focus toward

If only
For as long
As will allows

Until we ease
back into the stupor
of mundanity

January is for the dreamers of dreams

February arrives baring gifts
Fruit cake coupled with crippling reality

Weekly Theme:

New Year

24 thoughts on “January is for the Dreamers

  1. Just like money is an collectively agreed-upon illusion.

    In fact, most of what we base our lives around is willing mass hallucination.

    Ohs noes… I just made an argument for the matrix again. This is your fault.

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  2. Lovely poem.
    and as we March
    into April
    May 2021
    bring something different
    for June.
    July’k that?
    he asked Augustly.
    October, November
    before you dismember
    (sorry about that. I just got on a roll. I’m in a silly mood!)

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    1. I love it!
      I started out with the same idea in mind. little tongue in cheek. Just some playful word play but as the words came just like the months of the year, I guess it, and myself became bitter 😂

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  3. Wow… I love the “fruit cake coupled with crippling reality” – my mother in law (blessedly absent this year due to COID) always brings fruit cake. It reminds me of a Manic’s line – “cheap whiskey and god awful truth”.

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    1. Thank you.
      When I was writing that line I wasn’t sure if would translate beyond Australia.
      Yes, an unfortune year for mothers in law, having to sustain themselves without the sustinence of torturing their daughters in law 😂

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