The Day After The Day After

Perched betwixt towering monuments
I possess no title or name
I exist, solely to cower
in the shadow of their fame

I must rise from the Christmas wrapping
Here I will make my stand
Before the champagne cannons blare
My victory will be in hand

A notice, let Boxing Day beware
From now until ever after
I will call myself
The day after, the day after

(No, scratch that, Kickboxing Day, or maybe re-Xmas Day, or Christmas Day 2, Club 27,
The Great Day, New Year’s Day: The pre-pre-pre-prequel, First Blood, Silent Night.
Clearly I’ve not come to a resolution, I’ll get back to you)

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34 thoughts on “The Day After The Day After

    1. Hilarious! I grew up with boxing day as leftover day, even wrote a post about it yesterday ๐Ÿคฃ
      With smaller gatherings this year, I’m sure it will still be leftover day tomorrow.

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    1. Thank you. People have really been lighting up the comments. I’m struggling to keep up.
      I’ve never returned a gift so it never crossed my mind but that is brilliant one!
      I’m wondering if we will have more or less gift returns this year ๐Ÿค” can’t try before you buy but also can’t really walk into the stores to make returns.


    1. Wow, that’s a blast from the past. I don’t remember the mystery days thing though.
      Love Rick Moranis. Little shop and honey I shrunk were some of my favorites as a child.

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