The Incident

Bloody and exhausted, the hysterical young woman had screamed persistently from the onset of the incident until she disembarked the carriage.
Sirens wailed in the distance; paramedics were on their way. The jarring sound would normally have sent her spiraling, now, she found reassurance in the rhythmic drone.
From moment to moment our perspective changes, she thought. The circumstances we find ourselves in are the result of choices made in the past. She felt as though she were looking at the world through different eyes. Everything appeared clearer, more simplified, like all the nonsense had been cut away and only the raw necessities remained.
She crossed the platform, willing her shivering body down onto the vacant bench.
There was time now. Time to sort through the chaos and discern how much of her mind was left, and how much had remained on the train.

I used a random word generator for all posts this week. See below.
The tool spat out five at a time. You can find them in bold within the post.

The Generator

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