Sedōka: Why Does The Grass Grow?

why does the grass grow?
to be trampled under foot
returned to the soil below

Why does the grass grow?
for the love of life and growth
to reach in search of heaven

sedōka (旋頭歌, “memorized poem” or “head repeated poem”) consists of two tercets of five, seven, and seven syllables each. The head repeating. An uncommon form, it was sometimes used for dialogues, a question and an answer.

Weekly Theme:

Japanese Poetry Forms

4 thoughts on “Sedōka: Why Does The Grass Grow?

  1. Because it enjoys being walked on?

    I think Heinlein said something to that effect in Stranger in Strange Land. If I recall, it was the Martian, Michael Valentine Smith, who empathed this from the grass he would lay on.

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    1. So am I. I decided about a year ago I wanted to try writing every form of poetry ever invented. I’m working through them. I haven’t kept count but I’m sure I’ve cleared 100 by now.
      I’m doing French next week. And I’ll be doing Welsh in January.

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