Tanka: Accidents Happen

Accidents happen
I lost my pinky finger
But time heals all wounds
Now I spend my days waiting
When does my finger grow back?

Tanka (短歌, “short poem”) is a genre of classical Japanese poetry and one of the major genres of Japanese literature.

Weekly Theme:

Japanese Poetry Forms

12 thoughts on “Tanka: Accidents Happen

    1. If by gaps, you mean spaces between words like “tabs”, you’ll have to use a preformatted block or verse block.

      If you mean paragraph spaces, you might have to play around with the “Separator” block. I don’t use it, but I also believe there is a “spacer” block (which is why I forget the name of it). “Pages” definitely have an empty space block, so I assume posts have them as well.

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      1. Basically WordPress scrunches all my posts up once they’re published no matter how I format them. No one else seems to have this done to their posts, so I wonder what I’m doing wrong. I just can’t get to grips with the new block editor…

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      2. I’m not seeing anything unusual on the actual site, it all looks as I would expect. Is it maybe a WordPress Reader or editor quirk? Maybe browser-based (especially if you use an older version of a browser, or a bleeding edge version)? Or are other people seeing it as well?

        I sometimes see mashed paragraphs in Reader for other sites, without spacing between the occasional paragraph. In that case, it might be hinky HTML or broken HTML tags in the posts. It might also be theme-based, with something in the CSS that is not functioning as it should (I ran into a great theme that I loved, but it borked my pages when I used it and I switched to something else as a result).

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      3. The raven covered everything I would have said.
        The only other thing I can think of would be if you copy and paste your post from somewhere, and the formatting between programs doesn’t sync.
        I’ve had the scrunching effect a few times in the past and found that it was dumb luck or some galavanting WordPress bug that had caused the problem.
        Good luck. Sorry I can’t a definitive answer.


    1. rofl… re leg lifting while drinking tea.
      Did you really lose your little finger? Condolences if so…. but it does me think of Cletus the slack-jawed yokel (some folks’ll never lose a toe…”).

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      1. It’s quite a sight 😉
        I always loved Cletus, his intelligence varied from episode to episode, repeatedly walking into a fence, or outsmarting Marge with pretzels. A truly unpredictable character.
        Fortunately I have all my digits.
        I knew a guy who lost a pinky in a farming accident, can’t remember how though.


    1. Thank you 😊 I used to write a humorous tanka every fortnight.
      I was told to dial back the comedy because it wasn’t appreciated. Maybe I’ll make done changes in the new year.


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