Rhymes Call for Good Times (Drinking Game)

Either slip your link, spill some ink in the pink, or shrink back when on the brink
Need the kink? Of the resounding clink, as you fix the kitchen sink?
When you cause a stink from a little wink
You need to think

If the word rhymes with drink
You take a drink
Take a drink

Jot but a dot, simple as a tot in a cot
Indulge in pot, when you’ve lost the plot,
When you’re in the slot, on the trot
Hot from what you know you got
The blood, the sweat, the tears, the snot
Find a spot, take a squat, stem the rot, blot the clot,Β 
Time to go, ready or not

If the word rhymes with shot
You take a shot
Take a shot

I’m not sure it’s possible

Please try
Not to die*

*Twisting Tail Incorporated will not be held accountable for any fatalities as a result of playing this ridiculous game.

Welcome to games week! Posts this week will be in celebration of games and puzzles.

9 thoughts on “Rhymes Call for Good Times (Drinking Game)

    1. It would be near impossible to have a five minute conversation without tripping over one rhyming word. But it would make sure everyone at the party listened to each other πŸ˜‰

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