Crossword Love

I    B   E    C   O   M   E   D   I    Z
Z    Y   W   H   E   N   E   V   E   R 
I    S    E    E   C   R   O   S   S   W
O   R    D   S   A   N   D   J    U   M
B    L   E    S   Y   O   U   M   A   K
E   M   E    F   E    E    L   T   H   E 
S   A   M   E   W   A   Y   M   A   Y
B    E    I    N   E    E    D   T   O   T
R   Y    T   H   E    M   W   I    T   H 
L   O    V    I   N    G    E    Y   E   S

Welcome to games week! Posts this week will be in celebration of games and puzzles.

35 thoughts on “Crossword Love

      1. Oh to have best friends. I remember those days.
        So you have the knighthood, did you receive a region to reign over? Sir Robin, Third Earl of Flushing Bogs?


      2. It was initial supposed to be a crossword but WordPress wouldn’t support it. I was going to change it but the idea of ‘cross words’ evolving from miscommunication wouldn’t allow it.

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  1. A great way to look at this subject, clever! The brain is an amazing thing, the way it can follow along with what is being written in the face of the rules being thrown away like this!

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    1. Thank you. Been a while since I played with form like this.
      I originally wrote it in a spiral but I was concerned it was too messy to decipher.


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