Riddle: Winged Myth

I’m a carnivore and a cannibal
But I am not a beast
For my willingness to feast

I’m not mythical or of the devil
Saint George may cry
But the origin of my name’s a misleading lie

I’m unique with my four agile wings
Graceful through the sky
Creating whirlwinds when I fly

Welcome to games week! Posts this week will be in celebration of games and puzzles.



4 thoughts on “Riddle: Winged Myth

    1. Thank you. I mentioned your comment to my wife, who speaks French, and she said there is an old song or children’s rhyme about a mouse that becomes a bat. Oddball Frenchies 😂

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  1. Excellent!
    This series of posts reminds me of our annual easter egg hunt – each child has a series of clues to follow, each a puzzle that leads them to the next egg and the next clue. Some are in verse, some are in code, some are word searches, some mazes As the kids have gotten older the clues have become more difficult.

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    1. Thank you!
      I’ve always loved puzzles. Many of my posts have Easter eggs, though most people don’t see them. A result which is both exciting and frustrating at the same time.


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