Senryu: Not My Fault

I’m not culpable
In GOD we trust your honour
Jesus took the wheel

I spoke with a fellow blogger recently about editing. I myself, edit like crazy.
He said he occasional writes directly to his blog with little to no editing and suggested I try the same.
So, this week I’ll be posting material that I’ve given myself about 15 minutes to write and haven’t edited other than glaring spelling and grammatical mistakes.

14 thoughts on “Senryu: Not My Fault

  1. God is your copilot – he shouldn’t be letting his son drive! 😉 I hope the judge didn’t respond with guilty and say about your bail, “in God we trust- all others pay cash!”

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    1. Better than the holy spirit, I don’t think you can consider the spirit to be reliable or predictable when operating a motor vehicle.
      I love that line, I was so excited when I saw it on a register in New York.

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