Archive Week

This week I will posting unreleased material from last year and also reposting some reworked versions of my earliest wordpress posts which didn’t receive much of an audience.


The beacon beams over the arch
A proud figurehead designed to lure
Reminiscent of the able angler fish
with a purpose much the same
A targeted display with a sole intent
To cast and feed from the widest net
The unblinking, hoard knowledge as a hive mind
Where deep wells give way to unjustly tapped mines
Jagged lattice work forms sharpened teeth
Overlooked indicators of what lies beneath
Welcome, a docile shoal approach
entranced in the flow of the current
The gaping void, an unquenchable roaring mouth
with unlocked jaw swallows the swell
Then consumed, blotted from existence
They spend their skins and disappear

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