Children’s Rhyme: Frankenstein’s Robot

Surely, I must be mad they said
Bringing them back from the dead
But, if I could make them better than before
Why on earth would I go to the store?

I placed a toaster where a head should be
A microwave in place of a heart
And in between for a neck I added
An electric whisk that wouldn’t start

A slow cooker and a rice cooker
Helped to fill out the chest
My old deep fryer became the torso
That’s where the fat fits best

For the arms I found a juicer
that was a gift I never used
And a kettle and a blender
That had somehow become fused

All this perched on a Coffee machine
Which had a tendency to leak
When I started over using the thing
I had the same problem for a week

I had compiled all the parts
But no power would make it go
It would take a bolt of lightning
And lightning is something I know

In my lab I made preparations
Waiting for the storm to arrive
Finally a bolt hit the conductor
And with it I screamed, ‘it’s alive!’

It’s friendlier than my last experiment
Rarely ever mentions world domination
So, my plan by the end of the year is…
to have one in every home in the nation


Frankenstein was in his laboratory when suddenly, through the wall came the ghost of his monster with a rope round its neck.
“What are you doing here?” Frankenstein said
The monster replied, “Well, master, they hanged me this morning so now I’ve come to meet my maker.”

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