Out of Time

A word of warning. I’ll be posting horror all week.

Reader discretion is advised.

If you’re still here, welcome to Halloween Week!

There’s still the chance someone will come for me. I simply need to remain calm, if only for a short time, to help keep my wits about me. Everything will be fine as long as I don’t panic. 
Distraction, distraction. I need a distraction.

Why don’t they put a light in these things? They used to have a bell. When did that die out?
I shudder to the very bone, a full body chill running deeper than I’d ever felt before. Someone is above, walking over my grave.
“Help! Hello! Help! I’m down here!” I scream.
“Sshhhh.” The hush resonates within the confines of the coffin, emanating from the darkness between my cramped feet.
“They can’t hear you now, enjoy what little time you have left.”



Someone is walking over my grave’ seems a rather odd thing for a living person to say when experiencing a sudden shudder, so why is it said?

The saying derives from an earlier folk legend that a sudden cold sensation was caused by someone walking over the place that one’s grave was eventually going to be.

21 thoughts on “Out of Time

      1. Excellent. (Raps fingers like Mr Burns)
        I use the expression often. It’s chilly here, that might have something to do with it. or I’ll be buried somewhere popular for foot traffic.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I went caving a few times. Helped with my claustrophobia. Still there but not like it was. I had nightmares about being buried alive as a child, stemming mostlt from my choice of film.
      I love misinterpretation. leads to interesting conversations 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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