Bedtime Story (2020 edition)

A word of warning. I’ll be posting horror all week.

Reader discretion is advised.

If you’re still here, welcome to Halloween Week!

“Make sure you’re tucked in all nice and tight.
So daddy can farewell you into the night
For the murder hornets are on their way
Locust swarms too, just give it a day
Deadly explosions from East to West
Airplane crashes, men laid to rest
A world of wildfires, many animals will die
Stars are somehow vanishing from the sky
Mystery desert drones no one will claim
and Polish invaders no one can blame
Then they gave us proof that UFOs exist
But nothing changed, nobody’s pissed
Black lives matter I can say so obviously
Yet obvious needed the George Floyd travesty
Now there’s debate on which lives to save
And poor Kobe Bryant’s rolling in his grave
Global warming is still being refuted
With every square foot of the planet now polluted
World War three could happen any day
Financial collapse exactly the same way
I haven’t even mentioned our lovely pandemic
The corona virus stalking the frail, weak and sick
Put on your face mask for what scares me the most
Is the Trump administration, drunk at their post!”

“No more horror stories before his bedtime
Even if you make them rhyme.”

“These aren’t horror stories my dear wife
I’m simply telling him about twenty twenty life.”


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