Born A Ghost

A shadow of a memory of a man
The concept of release
Just out of hand

We clutch as a newborn
Without skill
When all is beyond

We fall in step
Falter on a beaten path
We are the dirt under foot

With a breath of rarified air I breathe
Knowing the gift is not a gift, but a loan
Haunted, by my own hollow
I was born a ghost, incomplete, I roam

By day
I waste
I stir the waking hours
But night
Oh, night
I cast a gastly

Ethereal guilt
Draped in ghostly dread
Expunged of life
Summons life for the undead

There is the secret to living after death
Die unfulfilled and live the life unlived while alive

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Ghostly

31 thoughts on “Born A Ghost

    1. Thank you. Eugi has had halloween prompts all month. I expect another next week.
      I have a Halloween post scheduled for each day next week. Fingers crossed they as well received as this poem πŸ€žπŸ‘»


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