A Busy Week

“Ready? This is the next few days. So, there’s food and drugs, and bullies two ways.”


“YWCA wants a week without violence, don’t we all. There’s forest products, give smokey a call. Dyslexia reading, that makes sense.
Infection prevention, sounds intense. Freedom of speech, an obvious one. Business women, that sounds fun. There’s safety for our driving teens, character counts, not sure what that even means.
Chemistry all week, sounds kinda bleak, I’d
rather be caught up the proverbial creek.”

“It’s all tit for tat, you know that.”

“I suppose you’re right, Now, where was I at?
“Oh, collegiate alcohol, are you aware? If you are, get me some and I’ll meet you there. School bus safety, blah, blah, blah.
Considering the situation, everyone’s using their car. The pharmacies need to be paid their dues,
and friends of libraries, their overdues.”

“That’s it, right? There can’t be more.”

“Almost there, now the encore. Tell me, can you recognise medical assistants?”

“I suppose I could, with a little persistence.”

“Good, good. Nuclear science, health education, spiritual care, and mediation. Oh, and last but not least, the rodents, the beasts. Beware and be aware, they could be anywhere.”

” umm… “

“Any of that make sense to you? Because even I got lost about half way through.”

“It does seem a bit much.”

I kid you not,

these observances are all for

this week:

Food & Drug Interactions and Awareness Week
Bullying Bystanders Unite Week
Freedom From Bullies Week
International Infection Prevention Week
National Business Women’s Week
National Character Counts Week
National Chemistry Week
National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
National Forest Products Week
National Friends of Libraries Week
National Pharmacy Week
National School Bus Safety Week
National Teen Drivers Safety Week
Rodent Awareness Week
Spiritual Care Week
YWCA Week Without Violence
Freedom of Speech Week
Medical Assistants Recognition Week
Mediation Week
National Health Education Week
National Nuclear Science Week
International Dyslexia Association Reading Week

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