Slap That Bitch

Now the future is ours to behold
The days having all but been foretold
Let fate guide us along our happy path
And pray god contains that mischievous laugh

But when was that ever the case
That good people find that happy place
I’ll follow the rules and I’ll die either way
No matter how many hail Mary’s or how hard I pray

You’ll find me one day rapping on heavens gate
Tapping my foot as I impatiently wait
Then you know what will transpire
When I’m face to face with the notorious liar

Everything happens for a reason they say
And boy, how I’m looking forward to the day
The day I get to look God in the eye
So I can slap that bitch right out of the sky

I wrote this for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt, foresight, but it took a vicious turn. There’s a child friendly policy over there at Eugi’s so I didn’t think this would be appropriate.

I however, have no problems posting any goddamn nonsense that enters my head.

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