Tanka: Born for the Cause

the rebel will pass
disillusioned youth ages
stark reminders haunt
living a character role
burgeoning career remains

September 30th, 1955

American actor and cultural icon, James Dean, dies in a car accident aged 24.

19 thoughts on “Tanka: Born for the Cause

      1. Ah-hem… it’s also the case that you’re talking to me, lol. And time period is irrelevant with me haha, you’d be surprised. Well, true it just gets worse going farther back. But for example, I once claimed to someone, by way of demonstrating that I DO know some famous peopleβ€” ‘I know that Adele is black, for example!’

        And no I was mixing her up with Alicia Keys lolol. Also I watch movies with having NO IDEA who the actors are, which also for some reason perplexes people!

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      2. I noticed from your recent post that you and I are only a few years apart in age. I assumed you were younger.
        We each have our field of knowledge. Each brain collects information in such an arbitrary manner that you can surprise yourself with the knowledge you possess.
        I have more of an issue with remembering just a name or a face and not being able to place it. Drives me insane.

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      3. This is why I’m keeping the beard πŸ˜†. No that’s funny, I’m glad cos I think I’ll always be a child haha.

        EXACTLY. Exact-fucking-ly! Been saying this my whole life whenever people expect me to be into football, must have a football team, must have watched this movie 10 times, heard this band… like WTF? How can EVerybody have had the SAME experiences? It’s statistically impossible unless they’re all conspiring, lol. Then EVERY time I tell people my favourite movies, artistsβ€” NO ONE has ever heard of them. They also can’t put the planets in order, tell me how evolution works etc. Their lives are devoid of interest 🀣. So yeah I have no awkwardness around it now and if anybody acts surprised I offer a physicsy question in return lol. But people get more socially mature as they get older, so thankfully it happens less and less!

        So yeah. I also have massive trouble with names! You know what I did to help with thatβ€” whenever meeting any group of new people, I just focus on ONE person and repeat their name in my head a few times. For everybody else on following meetings, I just repeatedly (and casually) ask straight away, whilst explaining my difficulty with remembering! I also offer my name first, in case they haven’t remembered mine. This really helps me!

        I’ve sometimes had the issue with faces but not a persistent issue thankfully!

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      4. A beard can change a man’s intire perception. Be careful.

        I think most of that is an issue with the company you keep.
        I have friends I speak with solely regarding one field. Sports, entertainment, science etc. I’m yet to find anyone who’s interests match mine completely.

        I just give everyone nicknames πŸ˜‚ works very well provided the name given is suitable.


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