Children’s Rhyme: One Good Tern

Europe, Asia,
North America
Iceland, Greenland,
and Antarctica
I know a few fellows
Who visit each one
For the arctic tern
Travelling’s never done
Summer twice a year
They love a bit of sun

In the name of fun and food

They see more daylight
than anyone
They like to take detours
A little here and there
Different flights
To see the sights
But that’s not their only care
Their number one concern

Is trying to find a lover
Because after all
One good tern
deserves another

Happy World Tourism Day!

Arctic Tern Stats:

Name: Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea)
Length: 25 – 40 cm (9.8 – 15.7 inches)
Weight: 85 – 125 grams (3 – 4.4 ounces)
Location: Arctic and Antarctica
Conservation status: Least concern
Diet: Fish, crustaceans
Appearance: Grey and white with a black “cap” on their heads and a red bill

Fun Facts:

Arctic terns have one of the longest-known migratory routes of all animals. Terns that nest in the Netherlands can travel over 90,000 km (55,900 miles) per year.

Arctic terns travel an estimated 2.4 million km (1.491 million miles) in their lifetimes. That’s three round-trip flights to the Moon.

Right before a colony of Arctic terns take flight, they grow silent. This moment is referred to as the “dread.”

Arctic terns do not spend the whole route of their migrations flapping their wings, but rather glide a great amount of the distances. Actually, they’re such good gliders they can even sleep while gliding.

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