Comical Comics

Mary Jane: I’m pregnant.
Peter Parker: That’s amazing!
Mary Jane: Is it, Peter!?! I’m about to be the mother of a hundred spider babies!

Hellboy: It’s called the right hand of doom.
Liz Sherman: You name that thing after your teen years?

Batman: – sigh – A fly in an ice cube.
Joker: It’s a classic. I got you, Batman!
Batman: Are you even trying anymore?

Black Widow: So, does you know, it, get bigger and green when you change?
Bruce Banner: Actually, it becomes inverted during transformation.
Black Widow: Oh, never mind then.

Captain America: Stark told me about Jack Mehoff and his Cleveland Steamers. They sound delicious.
Ant Man: You don’t want that. Trust me.
Captain America: It’s something disgusting, isn’t it?

Flash: You’re pretty lucky, you know.
Aquaman: You mean my speed, agility, superhuman strength. The fact that I can commune with all sealife?
Flash: No. I mean, you could have been called Seaman.

Superman: Wonder Woman! Get your lasso of truth, we’re heading to the White House.
Wonder Woman: You know it doesn’t work if the person believes their own bullshit.

National Comic Book Day!

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