Children’s Rhyme: Seussville

Welcome home to Seussville 
There’s no other quite place like it
A fantasy world of lessons
Exploding with charm and wit

Filled with muttering and muddling
Words that wiggle and worm
And most often befuddling
Lines that seem to squirm

Not just the words are wacky
It’s the characters too
Listen very closely now
And I can name you a few

The man Sam I am
And his green eggs and ham
The Grinch who stole Christmas
The Lorax and his forest fam

There’s the Fox in socks
Horton and the Whos
The crazy Cat in the hat
And Thing One and Two

And since you’ve come to Seussville
Be sure you take the time
To pay a visit to the doctor
The wonderful doctor of rhyme

You might have heard the name
He’s known to the tall and the small
The wonderful Doctor Seuss
The inventor of them all

Then you can thank the creator
Of a million lands without sense
Solely for the purpose of
Explaining common sense

Dr. Seuss
Theodor Seuss Geisel

March 2, 1904
September 24, 1991

Would you? Could you?
Listen here
Suessical facts
For you to hear

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