Criminal Institute of America

The pinnacle of human rights
In the land of the free

(A matter of perspective)

Speak your mind
Wire tapped by design
broad stripes and bright stars
Evolved with the times

The webcam spies
Our flag was still there

Mission statement:
Surveillance will prevail

Drug trafficking and testing
Nazis on the payroll

One step ahead

Informed we keep you safe
From yourselves
In the home of the brave

star-spangled failures
Counterintelligence failures
Security failures
Redacted banner

Who watches the watchers
Watching the world

How can you trust
human intelligence
(you’ve seen human intelligence in action)

In God we trust

Now judge
the honest intentions
Of a Trueman

September 18th

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officially comes into existence after being established by President Truman in July

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