“Are You On Top Of It?”

Don John, a slave driver of the business world, known for exploiting free labour, would run his interns ragged with meaningless tasks and personal errands.
“Well, did you sort it out?”
“Oh, I’m on top of it, just like you asked Mr John.” The intern smiles as he hands over a thick manila folder.
“What the hell is this?! Is this a joke? These are pictures of my wife!”
“I don’t understand why you’re upset. I did what you said.”
Don John glares at the intern with the hope of scorching his presence from existence. The intern responds with a bigger smile, ready to twist the knife further.
“It would help me if you could be a little more specific. Are you angry because I called your wife it, or that I’m on top of her?”

Happy National

‘I’m on Top of it Day!’

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