Children’s Rhyme: Parents’ Parents

They took care of your mum
They took care of your dad
Taught them right and wrong
Taught them good and bad

They are still known as parents
And you have two sets of two
They are your parents’ parents
But they’re called grandparents to you

They feed you until you burst
Then make you eat some more
No matter how far you stray
There’s always an open door

They smother you with love
And sing songs with old timey charms
And you will never be any safer
Than wrapped up in their arms

Grandma & Grandpa
Nan & Pop
Nana & Papa
Mawmaw & Pawpaw
Oma & Opa
Gram & Gramps
G-Ma & G-Pa
Granny or Grammy
Pappy, Poppy or Grandaddy

Whatever you call them
This is their day
Love to all the grandparents out there

Happy National Grandparent’s Day!

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