Admirals and the Art of Bed Making

What purpose does it serve?
A sense of pride you say?
Start my day on the right foot
That will never be my way

When the first task is complete
You think the achievement of the feat
Will keep me in good stead
And all I have to do is make my bed?

Doesn’t seem like there’s much to it
Still, I’d rather say screw it
But I’ll give it a chance and do it today
Since it is officially the celebrated day

Okay, here goes,
wish me luck
I still think it’s nonsense
By an OCD… guy

(I must have done it wrong. I don’t feel any different. I’m going back to bed)

National Make Your Bed Day!

23 thoughts on “Admirals and the Art of Bed Making

  1. Hehe! I’ve made my bed everyday since kindergarten. I can’t stand to see an unmade bed – especially mine! Love the poem (even if you decide not to make it a habit!)

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  2. I wish I did make my bed every morning, but haven’t actually done it for a very long time. I can’t really see any good reason for it, although, I do have to admit it certainly looks tidy when I spot the nicely made beds of other people, and it makes me think about it myself.

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    1. Same. I always tell myself that they are just like me; the beds are made because they have guests. Any other day and sheets and pillows would be tossed haphazardly all over the room.


      1. That thought makes a person feel better about themselves, but I’m pretty sure there are some people who just do it, anyway. My mother for instance makes her bed once she’s up and about every morning, as far as I’m aware.
        It isn’t something I do though …
        I can see merit in doing it, though. It looks like an achievement, to tidy one thing, who knows what good thing might happen next.

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      2. I’m sure there are but I derive no pleasure from knowing they exist.
        Sure it looks nice if you need to take a picture. What normal person is doing that?
        I think it’s something you are raised to do and it just stays with you πŸ€”


  3. Ok. I went and made my bed this morning, and folded up the clothes that are on the end of the bed – too dirty to hang up, not dirty enough to need washing yet. It looks neat, and I feel good about it, so a job worth doing, for me, today, anyway. Tomorrow though, who knows?

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  4. Yes, some of the best conversations I have happen inside my head. It’s almost a dialogue, rather than a monologue though, when I take myself to task for my somewhat untidy ways, then I try to defend myself against myself. Then I start wondering whether any of my chat might be relevant to the novel I’m writing, and who knows how many characters may end up being there, in my head, as I think about my bed!

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    1. So you have someone answering you πŸ€”
      Sounds like a very loud conscience. I hate that guy πŸ˜‚
      How do you sleep? Must be a full bed with all the characters in your head πŸ˜‰


      1. When I decide it’s time to sleep, I stop listening to the voices. I’ve fine some trainung i mindfulness, which showed me that I have to do this, so the voices aren’t in control, I am!

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      2. Interesting. Definitely a talent many would wish to possess.
        And certainly reassuring that you control the voices and not the other way round πŸ˜‰


      3. Mindfulness is such a useful thing to have studied, and realising the benefits in its application at bedtime is awesome.
        Any thought that may come, when I’m trying to get to sleep are thanked and waved goodnight. I don’t go over and over the dounfs id the day, or thoughts ob the coming day. I breathe, slowly, deeply, and I sleep. It isn’t quite that fast, id course, but much quicker than if I was thinking, worrying, pondering and stressing!

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      4. A reassuring breathing technique.
        Sounds peaceful. I’m concerned about waving away thoughts though, some of best come to me late at night or in the wee hours.


  5. Be glad you’re a civilian! I work with a lot of military people, and the cadets complain about getting extra duties when lint is found in their washing machine filters – during inspection at 0600. And if you fail one inspection, you get daily inspection for the next week or two… 0600 inspection means up before 0500 cleaning. I can tell who failed inspection by who is sleeping in 0800 classes.


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