In You

In each a country, with freedom to reign
Over boundless borders, treacherous terrain
To ragged shoreline whipped by burly gales
Where the wind swept cliffs conjure tall tales

The wilderness whispers, deep in seclusion
Across the expanse, of the ever changing illusion
A lifetime of solitude to peer beyond the veil
Alas, within myself no answer would prevail

Senses foreign, distant lands did I seek
A scent as sweet as a tender hand on cheek
Resolved there, I needed no longer roam
Your warmth, your light, in you I found home

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt:

Home Sweet Home

22 thoughts on “In You

      1. Unfortunately, no. Helsinki is too far south. I think about 6 hours north by car and it would start to appear.
        I’ve heard the best place to see it is Greenland and Canada. Probably where this pic was taken.

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  1. I have a OXO and love it. My sisters and mom loved it so much that I bought them for everybody for X-mas. I have never been able to get the church-key method to work, but occasionally I will use the hot water and then tap it on the counter to open a particularly stubborn jar.


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