With this Bottle Opener, I Thee Wed

“So this is really happening?” asked Councilman Corona in disbelief.
“Yes,” began Chairman Snow.” The vote was unanimous. The bill will be passed. From this day forth, any man.”
“Or woman,” interrupted committee member Tsingtao.
“Yes, thank you. Or woman, will be legally within their rights to marry any beer; be it individual, six pack, case, or keg, of their choosing.”
“Can we make an amendment to incorporate other alcoholic beverages into this bill?” Called a well dressed gentleman from the otherwise empty gallery.
“Too late for that, and also, that’s ridiculous.” Responded Governor Budweiser, astounded by the arrogance of the interloper. “Who are you? And who let you in here?”
“I’m Johnny Walker,” he answered, with a tip his hat and a swish of coat tails. “Jack Daniels let me in.”
Enraged, Governor Heineken rushed the stranger, leaving only a charged inch between their faces. “This doesn’t concern you bro. Keep walking.”

Happy National Beer Lover’s Day!

8 thoughts on “With this Bottle Opener, I Thee Wed

    1. You’re right! My apologies. How could I forget the most seductive and alluring of all beer containers. The oversight has been corrected. Thank you.
      I did go to the trouble of saying case instead of slab for the comprehension of a broader audience.
      I’ll blame the mishap on a coloqiual distraction ๐Ÿ˜‰

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