Children’s Rhyme: Let’s Take A Look

I was frightened at first
But then, I was just a kid
I caught a quick glimpse
As it ducked and it hid.

It ran, I gave chase
Where are you going? I paused
and out of curiosity
Those legs, are they yours?

The little book, pages fluttering
just ran and ran
I found it cowering in the bookcase
Pretending to be a fan

Please little book
I want to hear, I want to know
What secrets do you keep?
In the pages you have to show

Don’t be shy, I won’t hurt you
Come out now little book
You were made to share your story
Please, let’s take a look

National Read A Book Day!

8 thoughts on “Children’s Rhyme: Let’s Take A Look

  1. We must have the same calendar! I’m going to finish a book and then start another – I’m doing a reread of “The Master and Margarita”. Lovely little rhyme…

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