Senryu: EMI

Cross the lines of force
Disrupt the magnetic field
Generate current

August 29th, 1931: Michael Faraday Discovers Electromagnetic Induction.

Michael Faraday experimentally demonstrated that a changing magnetic field can induce a voltage in a conductor. The discovery of electromagnetic induction helped in the creation of electric generators, transformers, and even induction cook tops.
An English scientist, Faraday was a prolific researcher and inventor. In addition to discovering electromagnetic induction, he also discovered Benzene and electrolysis.
The farad, an International System of Units (SI) measurement of a capacitance – the ability of an object to hold an electric charge was named after Faraday.


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      1. Your excellent poem induced a response, which was not integral was certainly intended to be differential. (It’s always nice to take a path, and come back to the same point with a new sense of potential, and more energy.) So you’re welcome to it, free of charge, I’m glad to contribute to the flux here.

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