You Will Be Mine

He is born
of a fallen star
Whose love whispered
over distant mountains
‘You will be mine’

He waits alone
for the joyous reunion
The light of his love
Her promise a beacon of hope
He yearns to come true

He dims with age
Melancholia grows in the silence
Gripped by vivid insomnia
He watches lights sparkle
Faltering candles compared to her

She wakes cautiously
In his darkest hour
At his timely end they are reunited
This fleeting moment
All they have gone too soon

She lulls him
Into his final rest
Cloaks him in betrayal
The cost of her measured days
A dark secret buried within

She exists hollow
His presence stifled inside her
Until twilight guides his escape
As she fades she threatens
‘You will be mine’

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Night Meets Day

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