I had plans
That’s the thing to remember
The intent
I was gonna do something
But then, I don’t know
You know how it is
Stuff happens
I woke up
sat down for a while, to wake up properly
Had a cup of coffee
And another (Then one more to be sure)
Received a random phone call
Sent some texts
And considered answering Emails
Had a Nana Nap
Checked Facebook, insta, tik tok, twitter
Thought of showering (maybe tomorrow)
Grabbed leftovers from the fridge
Heavy food. After Meal Nap was a must
Woke up, stared at the ceiling (how many cracks is too many?)
Tried to capture the perfect Selfie (97 attempts, still no closer)
Watched YouTube cat videos
Cascading into cute cat videos
Kitten videos
Kittens in mittens videos
Kittens in mittens in Britain videos
Needed a Cat Nap, took it
Ordered food online
Opened wine (won’t define amount)
Played Candy Crush while waiting
Found a new series to binge on Netflix
And somehow
It was midnight
A whole day spent

Happy National Lazy Day!
However you spent it 😉

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