What’s Brown and Sticky?

I found it there
In the middle of nowhere
An ordinary stick in the mud

Upright it stuck
Showing some pluck
A lonely stick in the mud

I had to see
Could I pull it free
This curious stick in the mud

Stubborn it stood
Pulling hard as I could
It remained a stick in the mud

Then I thought
How hard I fought
And screamed at the stick in the mud

I don’t care
You want to be there
You can stay a stick in the mud

I now see
I should’ve let it be
That infuriating stick in the mud

The final result
Completely my fault
Was after a few days had come to pass

To my surprise
I couldn’t believe my eyes
When I found that stick up your arse

What’s brown and sticky?

A stick

10 thoughts on “What’s Brown and Sticky?

  1. LOL! The repetitive phrase becomes as annoying as the stick stuck in the mud, hahaha xD.

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    1. Then it served its purpose. I have no issue with repetition but I despise writers who post the same thing showing no growth and giving no closure.
      Seeing a lot of that on WordPress recently. Getting bored.

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      1. I know what you mean. I’m actually self-conscious of and frustrated by the fact that there are issues with my environment which are out of my control and affect everything, that I sometimes have to write about. For the things within my control, I aim for optimism and moving forwards. I’m a natural optimist so it comes pretty easily, but I guess some people are just more pessimistic. But yeah, I am also driven to experiment and expand what I can do :).

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