Nursery Rhyme Homicide

It was the tattoo that first caught my eye. Perched high on an exposed bicep, was an egg with a human face, a raised eyebrow over a piercing stare. Below, the text, ‘Humpty Dumpty was pushed!’
Conspiracy nuts in Fairytale Land were a dime a baker’s man’s dozen.
Sure, some of the King’s men had their theories, but this horse, who wore the tattoo like a statement, had a look that said, ‘I know the true story, I was there.’

15 thoughts on “Nursery Rhyme Homicide

      1. Thank you. It makes me happy to hear that πŸ’š
        When I started, twists were all I would post, hence the blog title.
        Not a lot of readers for that kind of thing so I branched out.

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