The Ignorance Brigade

Another missing soldier. The division heads were getting nervous.
“Where did he go?” asked Major Hoopo.
“He went in there, sir.” Responded Corporal Tylsä, pointing in the direction of a dense mist.
“Well, why didn’t you stop him?”
“He said he wanted to get his cat back, sir.”

They both stared into the mist.
“Well, he’s not coming back now. Forget him, we’re better off. Anyone who goes in there is asking for trouble.” The Major shook his head and clicked his tongue. “I should have realised there was something wrong with the guy when he named his cat Curiosity.”

15 thoughts on “The Ignorance Brigade

      1. Three dogs Charlie a beagle, Wesley a lab/beagle mix, Max Aussie Shepherd
        Three cats Stormy (15 our senior citizen kitty) a Russian blue, Sid (1 1/2 yr old)a calico/tabby mix and Fin (12 weeks old)a tabby and found among our wood pallet pile.
        We have 4 chickens and 1 rooster) they refuse to tell us their names. 😁

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      2. Damn!
        I remember we discussed max but I didn’t expect a list like that!
        Labeagle/bearador sounds interesting.
        Interesting names too.
        We had chickens growing up. Most were called lunch or dinner. One was called crispy strips 😉

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