A Dark Matter

Darkness weighs down upon me. There are three hours left until sunrise, but I’ll be dead long before the sun blesses this land.
The intermittent flickering of my flashlight confirms my fear, they are already here.

Our intentions were honourable; reanimate dark matter in the hopes of better understanding the origins of the universe.
Except, we awoke an evil long dormant, which feeds on light.
I am the last of the scientific team assigned to reverse the process.
If this message isn’t found in time, it will be the death of light.

12 thoughts on “A Dark Matter

  1. Nice!! Cool idea.

    Also funny since there was recently reported a possible first detection of a dark matter particle! Preliminary result so far.

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      1. Hard to avoid in this oversaturated market. If the template works beat people to death with it.
        I will always love buffy, every incarnation. Just thinking of smg makes feel like a teenage boy again πŸ’š

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