Children’s Rhyme: The Evening Choir

The sun was setting, trees were full
The choir was in full swing
Everything was wonderful
Until the new bird began to sing

Stop! Stop! The conductor cried
Who’s making that awful sound?
Come on now, don’t you try to hide
The culprit will be found

I’m sorry said the Mockingbird
I’m thrilled you let me come
It’s just that when I get excited
I kinda sound like a car alarm

It’s okay, just relax my chum
I know you’re going to sound great
I’ve heard your voice is awesome
And I can hardly wait

The choir continued with their song
But it didn’t last too long
Stop! Stop! The conductor shrieked
What’s this nonsense going on?

I’m sorry said the Mockingbird
I’m scared I won’t sound great
And whenever I get nervous
I whistle like a rusty gate

Don’t change, love your song
We each have our own part to play
Being yourself is never wrong
Come on now, what do you say?

The mockingbird chirped happily
Together, the birds began to tweet
A symphony in perfect harmony
The choir was finally complete

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