Children’s Rhyme: Fruit Salad

“I think he’s going to eat me
I see the twinkle in his eye
I know what that look means
Tonight is apple pie.”

“No, he’s definitely coming for us”
Said the whole banana bunch
“He’s on that new diet
It’s banana smoothie for lunch.”

The berries, straw, black and blue
Did not like that idea
Whenever someone mentioned smoothies
A few of them were bound to disappear

Orange tried to keep quiet
He was the regular daytime snack
He pushed past the peaches
And tried to hide himself in the back

The kiwi laughed and mocked
“It’s been nice knowing you all.”
She had no fear of being picked
This was her third week in the bowl

The peach and plum had an idea
They would get into a fight
If they could look old and bruised
They might survive the night

No such thing as safety in numbers
Something grapes can understand
They each clung to their vine
And prepared for the giant hand

“He’s reaching for the big bowl
What are we gonna do?”
Nothing left but to say goodbye
Fruit salad’s on the menu.”