Children’s Rhyme: The Forest Elf & Tree Boy

There once was a naughty boy
Who cared for no one but himself
He was set on a destructive path
Until he encountered a forest elf

The forest elf was angry
She had watched this little man
Disrupting the flora and fauna
And decided on a plan

She turned him into a tree
He was rooted to the ground
He ripped and roared and raged
But no human heard a sound

He settled into his new found life
And watched the world go by
The birds, the stream, the rising sun
And found peace in natures eyes

Then there came another boy
Another, much like he had been
He broke the Tree Boy’s branches
For no other reason than to be mean

He cried with pain at each broken branch
Wishing for the end of the attack
But there was nothing else he could do
As a tree there’s no fighting back

The elf heard the Tree Boy’s cries
And told him that he could go free
Now you understand we all feel pain
In future please let us be

This awful boy will take your place
And share the same fate as you
But if I catch you making trouble again
I know just what I will do

I already have your transformation in mind
And I’ve narrowed it down to two
I’ll either turn you into pond slime
Or a mushroom that grows on poo