I’m Going To Kill You All (and I’ll be happy to do it)

If you can handle this caustic mouth come see what you will find; unless you fear the gaping jaws controlled by this festering mind. Climb aboard my calloused back, I do not need the rest, the whip there is ornamental, but feel free to give it a test. Let me take you on a journey, I will not charge a fee, I would never expect your noble hands to grease the palms of one like me. This will be a short ride, it’s the same wherever we go. There’s so much you don’t understand, so I want to let you know. You see this land, once a lively place, has now all but been stripped bare. Life is gone, and misery reigns, the world is no longer fair. Yet you carry on, with a smile and a song, not paying attention to what’s no longer there. Tell me, is there an argument that I could possibly use, one that might ever make you care about the home that you abuse. I already feel this is a lost cause and there is no talking this through. Luckily, I have a method and know just what I’ll do. I will create a pox, worse than the likes of you. Then, when it has taken the old, it will take the children too. This is my gift, in return for all the gifts you’ve given me. Once I’ve finished all of you off, I will again be free.

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