Children’s Rhyme: Der Osterhase

There comes a bouncing bunny
With floppy ears and stretchy legs
A waistcoat with a matching tie
And a basket full of eggs

No one knew how he got them
Until he was caught one day
They asked him why he delivered eggs
And this is what he had to say

My real name is Osterhase
And I am one of a kind
I’m the egg laying bunny
And I am kindness inclined

I happily give my eggs to you
A dare not eat them myself
For when you have something this good
It’s better to share the wealth

I consider your dietary requirements
I also bring candy and toys
I do have one condition though
They are only for the good girls and boys

I will come back each and every year
In the wee hours of this very day
Yes, I’ll see you every Eastertide
But for now I must be on my way

Easter Bunny Origin Story

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