A politician’s infidelities
An ignorant president’s tweets
Photos and a sex tape
Some emails another deletes

We’ll televise the whole thing
The bank robbers being chased
Don’t cut to commercial until
Some innocent bystanders are erased

There’s been a highway pile up
You should stop and stare
If you can’t make it we have footage
To make feel like you are there

The trial of the century
He seemed like a normal guy
Until he ate his family
Can’t wait to see him fry

An escaped asylum inmate
Surely up to no good
The manhunt will commence
In your neighbourhood

A virus that could kill us all
No idea about a cure
Saint Peter’s at the pearl gates
We hope you’ve kept yourself pure

These stories told by our friends
They report and spin a line
It’s captivating TV
All hooks for the news at nine

Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: Captivating

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