Riddle: Cannuum If You Like

The myth is, boys have three
And girls have four—if you’re keeping score
That’s not common knowledge
So I think I’ll give you more

We each have a placenta
And we keep it deep inside
We carry it with us always
Nourishing the hide

When you speak of our skin
You talk of traffic lights
A better image would be a rainbow
To capture our range of delights

You like to call us hot
Then we’re scored and scaled
The reaper looks down the line
At those who by comparison have failed

You can love us or hate us
We are not for everyone
Remember what they say about variety
And come and try this one

Fun Fact: They are considered fruits, botanically classified as berries.

So next time you’re having a fruit salad…

Answer: Paprika/Capsicum/Peppers/Bell Pepper/Sweet Pepper etc

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