Casablanca Cocktail

Rosemary sat despondent; a seasoned professional, rarely sought after in her new position.
She had neglected the sage warnings against fraternising with the likes of Brandy and Sherry. Rosemary however felt the comradery they shared was worth the risk.
No longer the flavour of the month, the opportunity to grow and a chance at turning over a new leaf we’re too good to refuse.
Brandy wrapped Rosemary in a warm embrace.
“Rosemary, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

The Casablanca Cocktail

100ml  Rosemary Infused Brandy
200ml  Turkish Coffee (hot)
1           Tbspn Caramelised Sugar
1           Sprig of Rosemary

Dissolve sugar in hot coffee.
Fill cocktail shaker with ice, coffee and Brandy.
Serve in Collins or highball glassware.
Garnish with rosemary.

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