Goodbye McIntire 



With tears in his eyes, he presses the pillow down. 

“I’m sorry, I used to love having you around, you helped me so much.” He applies more pressure to stifle the muffled squeals and struggling. 

“But you’ve gotten so loud and you roam around like you own the place. It’s not working out.” 

He feels the hot air as it radiates through the pillow. The movements slow then stop. He relaxes and releases his hold. 

“Goodbye, Roomba McIntire.” 


9 thoughts on “Goodbye McIntire 

    1. I thought someone might miss that.
      Love me some Reba. More as actress than as a singer though.
      You wouldn’t be the first to call me a monster, the way I butcher the English language 🤣
      Also, death to the robot uprising! If we ever meet in person maybe we could smash a photocopier with a baseball bat together 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Reba’s just great all around! And don’t worry about butchering the English language. You seem pretty good at it. I’m a US citizen and I butcher it daily 😂
        I got a baseball bat and “Still” by Geto Boys ready to play over an old boombox whenever you’re ready (or whenever the machines take over.) Whatever happens first 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      2. There will always be a place in my heart for Reba.
        I’m Australian, I was born to butcher 😂
        I’m glad you got the reference. Would have seemed like a very specific and odd idea otherwise.
        Whichever happens first. They sound like betting words lol
        I wonder if there is a betting pool for which country will be responsible for the rise of the machines 🤔


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